Cover Girl – Romantic Red

Cover Girl – Romantic Red

Cover Girl – Romantic Red from Rina Svet on Vimeo.

“Learn how to get a trendy Valentine’s Day inspired nail design look at home using Cover Girl’s new COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss!”

Another great project for Cover Girl.  Shot on the same day as Spark, this one was a challenge as part 2 of our video shoot but the results are great nonetheless!  I really enjoyed working on these videos because they are fun and exciting and different, and I must admit that I do enjoy focusing on nail art as the subject of my work.

One of the real challenges of shooting these videos is that the nails are being painted in real time and there is not much pause to adjust the lens or reframe the shot.  Shooting this, it felt a bit like covering a live event, very exciting!  Enjoy, and maybe pick up some tips on how to paint your nails!

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